Explain Podast Episode 10 is out!

Explain Podast Episode 10 is out!

Season 2 of the Explain Podcast is out&about – yey!

We start by discussing Bionano and Nabsys – curious tech that we’ve classified as…Genome Mapping! At the end of each episode, we now release a new subsection QuickGen, where hosts shortly discuss one term from Genetics.

This time it’s about transposons or…JUMPING GENES! Let’s keep the conversation going – choose the platform where you like to listen to the episode: https://ngs-cn.de/explain-podcast/

Spotify supports chapters which makes it easier to find nuggets – check it out & rate our podcast if you’re using mobile version!

Supported by the West German Genome Center and Next Generation Sequencing Competence Network, we’re dedicated to discuss genomics & transcriptomics tech in the way YOU could understand 🧬💡

🎙️ Recorded at the Multimediazentrum, University of Düsseldorf


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